Dreaming of Spring: Unique Plant Stand Ideas to Spruce up Your Garden or Patio

It's April! And We've been thinking of interesting and fun ways to repurpose everyday or humdrum 

and decor into eye catching plant stands. These out of the box ideas work great in the garden and sun room, or on the patio and porch.

Almost everybody has a chair lying around, in fact we receive more requests to consign chairs than other pieces of furniture. There comes a time in almost any chair's life where it can no longer perform it's primary duties. Well you know that we're always trying to find a new use or new life for any piece of furniture, so we're going to start this weeks blog entry with turning old chairs into new plant stands. 

Cast or wrought iron chairs and stools are usually the easiest to start with. Firstly iron is a pretty tough material so there shouldn't be any reason to prep the piece to live out doors. If your iron or metal piece has some rust already and you want to keep it from rusting further then we recommend that you cover it with a clear epoxy or spray paint to lock in that awesome rusty patina.

Upholstered wooden chairs with a removable seat are also extremely easy to convert into plant stands. Just remove the seat part and use the center brace to support your planter and voila, a great plant stand. We recommend protecting your chair with a heavy duty outdoor stain, some enamel paint, or some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® (Just remember not to use wax when painting a piece for outdoor use).

You can also just cut a circular hole in your seat and drop your planter right in.

Or just put your planters directly on the seat itself. Counter and & bar height stools work great for this. 

My personal favorite is using an old antique or vintage ladder or step stool. Especially antique ladders & stools may no longer be safe to use as step stools so why not use them to properly display your green thumb. 

Paint your ladder to match your fence or lattice.

Or leave flaky paint for a rustic, shabby chic look.

I doubt this stool could support the weight of a small child, but it holds this fern pretty well, and looks good doing it.

This ladder's combination of round and flat rungs allows for a great mix of hanging and regular potted plants. 

Another old step stool that looks like it may fall apart if you look at it wrong, holding plants in style. The rustic old white paint looks amazing with the faded barn wood underneath. 

This little guy still looks sturdy and usable but does an amazing job holding these 5 plants. 

This one is my personal favorite of the week. Long flat surfaces do an excellent job of holding plants and also double as a work surface for a potting station.
Those ones were our main ideas for the week, but here are a few supplemental ideas for you to consider while planning your garden. 
Old architectural pieces can work great, this old piece of a stairway just needed an equally old piece of wood as the top surface.

Even salvaged pallets can hold your plants. 

This old bird cage looks absolutely phantastic as a plant stand.

We actually had one of these folding wringers in the store a few months ago. So one of you out there already has a head start.

Industrial drafting stools usually have adjustable seats so find a couple and mix & match.

As if mid century bar cars weren't hard enough to find as is, here's another use for them. 

Many of you Philadelphia residents see milk crates laying all over the city. Grab one(or a few) to support your favorite plants or flowers.

I have s soft spot in my heart for all things industrial so of course I love this antique industrial shop cart.

Have an old pram or stroller stashed away in your attic? They can make a great plant stand on wheels. 

Use old drawers with legs as a plant stand or as a garden itself.

Repurposed commodes & chamber pots work great as well.(Check our inventory for a few of these)
 Thank you for sharing our dreams of spring with us again. If you have any other ideas we would love to see them, you can email your ideas or questions to info@phantasticphinds.com

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  1. Love the old step ladders you use as plant holders. I am totally into recycling old items for new proposes they were not made for. That step ladder plant holder is the perfect example of the type of things that I make everyday. Thanks for posting this awesome idea for me to try one day. http://www.macramemagic.com/Simple-Macrame-Plant-Hangers

  2. I absolutely love the bird cage. It's a unique twist on metal plant stands that I love, especially for the indoors. I would do that for my sitting room and maybe spray paint it blue as an accent. These are great pictures of the stepping ladder plant stands as well. Thank you for the post!


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